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Admissions Process

You may register your child with us at any time although we recommend that you do so as early as possible. Once we have received your application form we will place your child on our waiting list and send you an acknowledgement letter. Our contact details can be found on our contact us page.
We will contact you in the June prior to a September start and in October prior to a January start to offer you a place. We will include details of the sessions we are able to offer. We are unable to guarantee specific sessions but will try to accommodate parental requests wherever possible. Our Policy states that your child must attend a minimum of two sessions a week over two days if they are aged Two to Three years, and three to four sessions a week if they are aged between Three – Five years. See our policy attached below.
Perranporth Pre-school Nursery Childcare Cornwall

The offer of a place for your child will be held for one week. If we haven’t received confirmation of your acceptance by this time, we will offer the place to the next child on our waiting list.  This will result in your child returning to the bottom of our waiting list unless you inform us you no longer require a space. If we are full to the maximum capacity in every session and therefore unable to offer your child any sessions at all, your child will remain on the waiting list until such time where we are able to offer a session. Please note that you if you are offered a place, but for any reason you decline the offer, your child will be put back to the bottom of our waiting list or removed upon your request.

Confirmation of your acceptance can only be made in writting either by email or post. Details of our fees can be found on our sessions and fees page.

We hope our process is simple and straightforward to understand, but if you do have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can read our Waiting list and Admissions policy here.