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Parent Information

Parental Involvement 
Perranporth Pre-School is a charity run by a voluntary committee of parents whose children attend the Pre-School. As such, we are unable to operate without your help and support and parents are as much a part of our pre-school as their children.

It is important for your child that you take an active part in your Pre-School in any way that you can.  You may be able to share a special skill or interest such as music, gardening, animals etc with the children.  You may be prepared to help with fundraising or one of the many other jobs which are vital to the smooth running of the Pre-School.

We also operate stay and play sessions once every term, which we feel provides parents/carers with a valuable opportunity to be involved with their child’s education and to be part of the group.  You can see your child ‘in action,’ find out what we do and why and also speak to your child’s Key Person if they are available. We welcome parents, grandparents or other close relatives however, we ask parents to allow their child time to settle in before they join in these sessions. This will give you an insight into how your children develop away from the home environment. If you are unable to attend these sessions please talk to your key person about arranging another day to come and join in.

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Emergency and Short Notice Closures
In the event that we need to close due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. extreme weather or damage to the building we will aim to communicate to parents in the following ways:
We will update our website the Famly app and our Facebook page.
We will phone parents of the closure if possible.
We will notify local radio of the closure for broadcast if as a result of snow.
In the event of an adverse weather closure we will follow the lead of Cornwall Council and Perranporth Community Primary School. If they are closed, we may also make the decision to close.