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Nurturing development through discovery

Perranporth Pre-School is a registered charity, originally opened in 2003, and is managed by a voluntary committee whose members comprise of parents of children attending the group. We share our building with Perranporth family help hub, but have our own self-contained area and are located next to Perranporth Community  Primary School. We operate in one large open plan room and a have access to two fully enclosed outside play areas, one of which holds our forest school. We also offer music, Ballet and Spanish lessons all included in our daily rate!

 Perranporth Pre-school Nursery Childcare Cornwall
We currently employ 7 members of staff all of whom hold appropriate early years qualifications, and support your children in their learning helping them to thrive whilst in our care.
We are open from 8am-4pm, Monday to Friday during term time, with sessions from 8:45am-11:45am or a full day. We also offer a Breakfast Club, from 8am-8:45am and an After Pre-School Club from 3pm-4pm.
We welcome children with additional needs and those who speak English as an additional language.
If you are a parent who would like to help, either by joining the committee or by volunteering at some of our fundraising events, then please get in touch via our Contact us page.

“Children receive nurturing support to their social and emotional development. Parents speak highly of the strong bonds their children form with the caring and attentive staff.”

“Children receive nurturing support to their social and emotional development. Parents speak highly of the strong bonds their children form with the caring and attentive staff.”

Messages from the team…..

Week Commencing 4th March


how is it March already!! Where is the sun?

This week we continue to support your children in learning about the animals in our world and their habitats. The children have really enjoyed learning about the under the sea animals this week.

We are also celebrating world book day! We will be making our own books all week and talking about how they are made learning what an author is and an illustrator.

Please come dressed as your favorite character on Thursday 7th March. We just request no Superhero’s as these characters really effect the children’s play not in a fun way.

Our book of the week is Mothers and others as its Mother’s day this coming Sunday.

Celebrate Mother’s and Others’ Day with our beautiful story about saying ‘thank you’ to those that care for us. Akal has just moved to a new village. Soon, he hears about an event called ‘Mother’s and Others’ Day’. Akal knows that he can thank his mother on this day. But who are the ‘others’? With the help of those around him, Akal learns that Mother’s and Others’ Day is a time to celebrate all the different people that love and support us. This inclusive story is perfect for introducing Mother’s and Others’ Day to children. It highlights the importance of lots of different people in children’s lives, including mothers, fathers, foster parents, grandparents, stepparents, teachers and childminders. It’s a great way to start discussions with children about who cares for them and who the special people are in their own lives.

Our Jolly phonics sound of the week is l.

Our Makaton sign of the week is mum

Our song of the week is down in the jungle.


Sarah, Di, Maria, Alisha, Bianca, Rebecca, Anne-Marie and the Committee xx

Week Commencing 26th February 2024


This week we will continue to look and investigate the world around us and focusing on Animals that are on our planet. All of our children have really embraced the idea of just how many varieties of animals live around us and in various parts of the world. This also supports their learning regarding animal habitats and climates they prefer.

We will support our childrens learning through out the week on ‘Animals’ and the importance of keeping our planet clean and tidy by recycling and being mindful of how we can keep our sea clean for the animals.

The story chosen for this week is The under the sea cleaning spree.

The story looks at the problem of ocean plastics through the eyes of sea creatures. Blub the octopus notices lots of ‘strangers’ have appeared near her home under the sea. However, she soon realises that they’re not creatures at all, and are in fact pieces of plastic discarded by humans.

Blub and her sea animal friends decide to throw the plastic waste back to the humans, but will the humans realise the danger of leaving plastic in the ocean? This plastic pollution book for KS1 is a great tool for opening up conversations on this topic and introducing children to the concept of plastic pollution. They’ll learn that humans can recognise the issue of ocean plastics and take action.

click here to read the book you tube under the sea cleaning spree – Google Search

Our song of the week is: once I caught a fish alive

Our Makaton sign is: Recycling

Our sound of the week is ‘K’ The children are really grasping the song and having a go at thinking of words and things that begin with ‘K’


Sarah, Di, Maria, Alisha, Bianca, Rebecca, Anne-Marie and the Committee xx